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"Pmc" kilns for firing Precious Metal Clay

"Pmc" kilns are high quality equipment that covers all the requirements of modern artists.

The long experience and know-how of our company guarantees high quality and ergonomic product design "Pmc", while the production of consistently high quality products is ensured.

Καμίνια Αργυροχρυσοχοϊας GM


The insulation of the kilns is made by special lightweight bricks, with high insulating capacity.

Control System
The furnaces are equipped with advanced, user-friendly and practical microprocessors (Controllers) type ATR901. The regulation and control function is performed by fully automated Controllers.
The programming, storage and recall of firing programs is done very easily, while the high technology controller guarantees safe and accurate firing performance of the firing curve.

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Heating System
High standard Elements , of open type, allow easy replacement in case of damage. The high quality resistors , ensure a long life span and quality firings of the products

The furnace is equipped with a spy hole on the door. There is also a safety switch which stops the power supply to the heating elements if the door of the furnace is opened while firing.


All our furnaces have a warranty in accordance with EU standards.

Technical & Advisory Support
Along with the guaranteed quality of our products, C.BONIS SA offers high quality services, such as ongoing technical and advisory support, (On Site After Sales Service).

Custom Design
By manufacturing the furnaces in our factory, we are able to design new products and offer suggestions and solutions for kilns that will perfectly meet any personal needs (limitations and peculiarities of space, capacity, special applications etc.)
Our expert technical staff will design and build for you the ideal kiln, implementing the long, successful presence of our company in the area, and the ingenuity and continuous research which have already yielded to the company 5 patents

Dimensions Table
"Pmc" kilns for firing precious metal clay are manufactured in standard sizes as well as dimensions tailored to your personal needs, such as capacity, etc.

Type Usefull dimensions Exterior dimensions Capacity Power kw/h
Width Length Height Width Length Height m3 1200C 1300C
PMC 3 13 20 11 38 50 45 0,003 1,5 N/A
PMC 8 17 23 19 40 52 47 0,008 2 N/A
PMC 13 27 30 24 55 74 46 0,013 2,5 2,8
PMC 43 35 35 35 69 82 62 0,043 4 4,5

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