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Kilns for transparent glass wash-basins

Kilns for transparent glass wash-basins , are high quality equipment that covers all requirements of modern industries.

Manufacturing the kilns from high quality raw materials in cooperation with the best European companies, guarantees high performance and long life span.

Bell type fusing kiln

Advantages of C.BONIS kilns for transparent glass wash-basins

Kiln floor constructed by Special Insulating Firebricks
C.BONIS SA staying true to the high quality of its products ,offers innovative fusing kilns for glass, the floor of which is constructed by special light weight bricks, of high insulating capacity.
This structure provides:
-Ensures a permanent and absolute flatness of the floor that is required for fusing large glass surfaces
-Energy saving (reduction in electricity consumption, because the insulating materials used absorb minimum heat possible)
-Ensure the linear (uniform) heating and cooling of the glass, preventing cracking / breaking, and giving best quality results.
-Maximize the life of the kiln.

Infrared heating system

Bell type fusing kiln
All kilns are equipped with an infrared heating system, of latest technology.
The elements of infrared radiation are positioned on the top of the kiln, so as to create a uniform heat distribution. This makes the firing of large glass surfaces easy, without any unexpected fractures.
The infrared radiation system in combination with the high-quality insulating materials, ensures linear and uniform heat distribution in each firing, thereby producing products of uniform quality.

Quick cooling system

Fusing firing fast cooling
The construction of the kiln is specially designed to support the operation of quick cooling, which requires opening the lid of the kiln at high temperatures.
The internal height of the kiln is divided between the lid and the floor allowing the opening of the lid at high temperatures as the objects are protected from direct contact of the cold air, entering the kiln, thus preventing the thermal sock of the glass.
In this way quick and effective cooling is achieved and the air inside the kiln is renewed enhancing the strength, quality and gloss of the glass products.

Control System
The kilns are equipped with advanced, user-friendly microprocessors (Controllers), engineered specifically for the use in forming glass.
Temperature is controlled in many thermal zones, ensuring absolute uniformity of temperature inside the kiln.
The Controllers are able to store (depending on type) up to 100 programs consisting of 20 steps (each program).
The programming, storage and recall of programs is done very easily, while the high technology Controllers guarantees safe and accurate realization of the firing curve.

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All our furnaces have a warranty in accordance with EU standards.

Technical & Advisory Support
Along with the guaranteed quality of our products, C.BONIS SA offers high quality services, such as ongoing technical and advisory support, (On Site After Sales Service).

Custom Design
By manufacturing the furnaces in our factory, we are able to design new products and offer suggestions and solutions for kilns that will perfectly meet any personal needs (limitations and peculiarities of space, capacity, special applications etc.)
Our expert technical staff will design and build for you the ideal kiln, implementing the long, successful presence of our company in the area, and the ingenuity and continuous research which have already yielded to the company 5 patents

Dimensions Table
Kilns for transparent glass wash-basins are manufactured in dimensions tailored to your personal needs, such as capacity, etc. Please contact us for more information - Contact >>