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Roller type tunnel kilns for firing glass

Roller type tunnel kilns, are high quality equipment that covers all requirements of modern workshops.

Manufacturing the kilns from high quality raw materials in cooperation with the best European companies, guarantees high performance and long life span.

Roller tyoe kiln

Advantages of tunnel kiln Roller type

1. Fuel savings
- In ceramic products of which the base exceeds 8cm of diameter, it is not necessary to use fire supports, in order o place them in the kiln, thus saving energy by the heat that the fire bats would absorb.
- The energy needed in order to heat up the walls of the kiln , is only consumed at the beginning of the firing process. Then, the fuel consumption drops to a minimum heating only the products that pass through the tunnel.
- Waste heat ,coming out of the chimney of the kiln, is recycled and used at the inlet section of the tunnel.
2. Decreased time of the firing cycle
The firing cycle (from cold to cold) varies from 30 minutes to 6 hours.
3. Improved quality of the firing products.
The firing quality and uniformity of temperature in the kiln ,result in the continuous production of quality products. The tunnel kiln achieves the best performance in colors that need a lot of oxygen such as gold, red, etc.
4. Reduced labor costs.
The labor cost decreases as the loading and unloading of the products is done quickly and easily.


Control System
The kilns are equipped with sophisticated electronic system for controlling and regulating the temperature and the rotating speed of the rollers. Temperature control is performed in many zones in the kiln. The latest technology control system , ensures the safe and accurate performance of the firing curve.

Heating System
Tunnel kilns may run on electricity or gas (Natural Gas or LPG)


All our furnaces have a warranty in accordance with EU standards.

Technical & Advisory Support
Along with the guaranteed quality of our products, C.BONIS SA offers high quality services, such as ongoing technical and advisory support, (On Site After Sales Service).

Custom Design
By manufacturing the furnaces in our factory, we are able to design new products and offer suggestions and solutions for kilns that will perfectly meet any personal needs (limitations and peculiarities of space, capacity, special applications etc.)
Our expert technical staff will design and build for you the ideal kiln, implementing the long, successful presence of our company in the area, and the ingenuity and continuous research which have already yielded to the company 5 patents

Dimensions Table
Roller type tunnel kilns for firing glass are manufactured in dimensions tailored to your personal needs, such as capacity, etc. Please contact us for more information - Contact >>