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Kilns for laminated / triplex glass are high quality equipment that covers all requirements of modern industries.

Manufacturing the kilns from high quality raw materials in cooperation with the best European companies, guarantees high performance and long life span.

Triplex laminate

The Laminate system ,type BLS, consists of a Laminate furnace, which may be equipped with one or more shelves / production lines, depending upon the desired production capacity , and heating elements with infrared radiation.

The Laminate furnace ,of horizontal type, is equipped with bags, into which we place the glass. A large piece of glass or many small pieces, may be placed inside each bag without requiring to insulate airtight each piece of glass separately. This construction provides great savings in time and reduces the time of preparation of glass.

Optionally, for a system with larger production capacity, an external storage shelf may be constructed , having a capacity of five positions, and four additional production shelves. In this case the four shelves may be fired inside the furnace , where as the other four may be prepared in order to get fired as soon as the furnace is unloaded.


All our furnaces have a warranty in accordance with EU standards.

Technical & Advisory Support
Along with the guaranteed quality of our products, C.BONIS SA offers high quality services, such as ongoing technical and advisory support, (On Site After Sales Service).

Custom Design
By manufacturing the furnaces in our factory, we are able to design new products and offer suggestions and solutions for kilns that will perfectly meet any personal needs (limitations and peculiarities of space, capacity, special applications etc.)
Our expert technical staff will design and build for you the ideal kiln, implementing the long, successful presence of our company in the area, and the ingenuity and continuous research which have already yielded to the company 5 patents

Dimensions Table
BLS kilns for laminated / triplex glass are manufactured in dimensions tailored to your personal needs, such as capacity, etc. Please contact us for more information - Contact >>