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Gas Kilns

Our company having foreseen the multiple advantages of the use of LPG in the firing of ceramic objects, proceeded to create a stand-alone series of gas furnaces. Our company manufactures gas furnaces raging from small sizes to extra large constructions.

Each kiln is equipped with a wagon, which moves on rails. For greater production capacity the kiln may be equipped with two or more wagons. In this case the second wagon is prepared for the next firing, while the first wagon in is firing the kiln - You can see more photos of gas kilns HERE.

Continuous research and updated information on LPG systems ,currently available on the international market, coupled with years of experience in construction of gas kilns, make our products easy and safe to use.

Gas firing ceramic kiln with wagons


A. Insulation made by Firebricks: The insulation of the kilns consists of special lightweight firebricks, of high insulating capacity.

B. Insulation made by ceramic fibre: Insulation of ceramic fibre offers high energy savings, it is a light weight construction and it also enhances the uniformity of firing.

In both cases the insulation of the floor and wagons consists of special lightweight bricks of high insulating capacity.

Gas safety system
The operation of the burners is controlled by flame sensors. In case that a burner does not ignite from the beginning of the firing process or if it is turned off during the firing operation, the gas supply is automatically stopped to that burner and a visual signal is turned on, so as to inform the user for the malfunction.
For even greater safety there is a gas leak detector, which it shuts off the gas and electricity supply in case it detects a gas leakage.

Control System
The furnaces are equipped with advanced, user-friendly and practical microprocessors (Controllers) . The regulation and control function is performed by fully automated Controllers.
The programming, storage and recall of firing programs is done very easily, while the high technology controller guarantees safe and accurate firing performance of the firing curve.

The Controller can store 2 programs of 8 steps each or one larger program of 16 steps.
The operator can freely program every single step, which can be rising , dwelling or lowering the temperature.

The temperature inside the kiln is regulated by means of a servomotor system.

Heting System
The furnaces operate with downdraft firing system, where the chimney is placed at the bottom of the kiln. This structure in combination with the high insulating materials used for the structure of the furnace, saves energy and provides the best possible temperature uniformity during firing.

The combustion system consists of atmospheric burners. The burners are fitted on the right and left hand side at the bottom of the furnace. The ignition of the burners is performed automatically by an electric spark Controller

The furnaces are equipped with door spy holes.


All our furnaces have a warranty in accordance with EU standards.

Technical & Advisory Support
Along with the guaranteed quality of our products, C.BONIS SA offers high quality services, such as ongoing technical and advisory support, (On Site After Sales Service).

Custom Design
By manufacturing the furnaces in our factory, we are able to design new products and offer suggestions and solutions for kilns that will perfectly meet any personal needs (limitations and peculiarities of space, capacity, special applications etc.)
Our expert technical staff will design and build for you the ideal kiln, implementing the long, successful presence of our company in the area, and the ingenuity and continuous research which have already yielded to the company 5 patents

Dimensions Table
Gas kilns are manufactured in standard sizes as well as dimensions tailored to your personal needs, such as capacity, etc.

Type Useful dimensions Exterior dimensions Capacity
Width Length Height Width Length Height m3
MG 160 70 185 120 160 250 200 1,60
MG 250 95 220 120 185 290 200 2,50
MG 600 160 270 140 270 370 250 6,00
MG 800 160 320 160 270 420 270 8,00
MG 1100 160 430 160 270 530 270 11,00
MG 1500 215 440 160 320 540 270 15,00
MG 4800 300 950 170 400 1150 280 48,00
MG 8000 300 1600 170 400 2250 280 82,00

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